Tasting advice

Here is a little tasting advice to take with you when visiting the cellars.
If you’re driving, tastings could indeed get a bit complicated.
The following points should be respected to make your tasting experiences both safe and enjoyable:
1: Study the glass of wine. What highlights are there; examine the “legs” (those streaks on the glass that the French also refer to as "Tears”), which can indicate whether a wine is fleshy, among other things.
2: Smell the wine the first time without twirling the glass. This gives the first indication of a wine’s gustatory qualities.
3: Smell the wine once again after having slightly aerated and twirled the glass. Other aromas come to the fore more expressive than the first nose.
4: COMFORT STAGE: Perhaps you don’t know it, but nothing is gained by swallowing the wine. Simply take a mouthful of wine, swish it around, then… spit it out! There is no waste, because in this way you taste and choose the wine that suits you best. And more importantly, you can get behind the wheel in all safety.

Excellent tasting.

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VMV ranges are divided into three categories

This range, the richest in terms of quality and quantity, generally comprises older vintages, from domains, varietal selections, parcellar selections or having been aged in tuns or new oak.
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Middle range wines generally in exclusive VMV BEDOIN engraved bottles. These products stand out through their typicity and excellent quality-price ration.
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Bottom-range wines in ‘coteaux’ non-engraved bottles. This category comprises the youngest Vins de Pays and AOC Ventoux.
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